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Monthly Archives: December 2022

Keep the Baking Going: Exploring Soft Cookies Business Potential in 2023

soft baked cookies with chocolate chips on top of wooden cutting board

Known as a country with rich cuisine culture, keeping snacks in stock is one of the most common traits for Indonesian people. It does not matter whether it is a […]

Dosing the Safe Amount of Paracetamol for Children

child being fed paracetamol with safe dose by mother

Prescribing medication sounds as simple as giving the right dose to the patient, but it turns out to be an integrated process that includes: patient assessment, medication choice, prescription writing, […]

A Difference between Life and Death: Practicing Medicine Safety

doctor making sure of medicine safety while giving syrup medication to a child

At some point, every person will turn to medicine to either prevent or cure illness. Two of the most crucial processes in the medical sector are prescribing and administering medications. […]